February 8, 2018


Inspired by the organizing in communities across the south, from New Orleans, to Memphis, to San Antonio, to Charlottesville, and beyond, we are excited to announce a national speaking tour with Takiyah Thompson and her co-defendants from Durham, NC.

Unions, universities, and community organizations can request a tour stop in their area by filling out this request form.  

The speaking tour will partner with organizers, leaders, and anti-racist fighters to:

  • Uplift the history of state-sanctioned white supremacy in the US, particularly in the US South – from colonization and the slave economy, to the Civil War, to the reversal of Reconstruction, all the way through the Civil Rights Movement to the present,
  • Examine the features, roots, and leading figures of the emerging new-Confederate movement and its connections to the alt-right movement, and
  • Center the voices of Frontlines activists as they share their views on tactics and strategies to build an effective fight back against the growing tide of racism, reaction, and neo-fascism, which is being emboldened by the Trump regime.

To sign up to host a tour date – fill out this form:

To make a donation to support the tour, you can contribute to our partner, Action for Community, a local 501c3 organization here.

General Inquiries: info@toppleracism.org

Media Inquiries: press@toppleracism.org